Poland’s new British Embassy designed by London firm Tony Fretton has been unveiled.

A revised design was drawn for the $27m structure, which now includes three floors and is clad in a glass façade.

The 4,300m² structure is housed on the 76 hectare Lazienki Park, which also houses the new Spanish and Dutch embassies on the adjacent side.

Part of the ground floor area features a restaurant and bar and with space for exhibitions and events, the area is earmarked for public activities.

The first and second floors serve as administrative offices, are equipped with two central courtyards and are covered with glass façades.

Work spaces are lit by natural light and the second floor attic is outfitted with roof terraces on either sides.

There are two roof gardens, one for staff and the other reserved for the ambassador alone.

The glass façade provides the building with thermal insulation in winter and summer.