Foster + Partners has won an international competition to design the master plan for the expansion of the Incheon Free Economic Zone over the islands of KangHwa and OnJin-gun to the north west of Seoul.

The north of KangHwa will accommodate the centre of inter-Korean economic cooperation while south of the island will comprise green technology industry with residential, community and cultural buildings.

OnJin-gun island will be turned into a sustainable resort.

The scheme envisages Incheon as a self-sufficient, sustainable development integrating a range of low to high-density mixed-use areas, connected by a light rapid transit system.

The 300km² master plan will extend organically from a central transportation spine, with a centre for green industry, serving an increased population of 320,000 residents and commuters.

The design measures include biomass energy generation, use of hydrogen fuel cells, hydroponic roofs, irrigation channels, green spaces and roads while buildings will match the natural topology of the site with green roofs.

Terraced farming using roofs of the industrial buildings will be implemented, as the island is primarily agricultural.

Construction of the Incheon Economic Zone will be carried out in phases for ten to 15 years.