A plan to build four 50-storey skyscrapers on the banks of the Ayalon in Israel has been approved, according to local press reports.

The buildings will be built over 143,248m² of space, which will be utilised mostly for office space and stores.

The plan is part of the new northern Tel Aviv central business district project, which will include five more new towers.

The new project, built about 500m north of Azrieli on more than nine acres of land, is owned by Tnuva and the Clalit Health Health Maintenance Organisation.

The projects includes 4,500m² of public buildings, about 350 apartments, underground parking and 1,000m² of municipal storage space.

In addition, an underground station for the future Tel Aviv light rail line, a bridge over the Ayalon Highway and a large square at the centre will be constructed under the project.