Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio in the Netherlands has designed the world’s first floating apartment complex, The Citadel, which will use 25% less energy than a conventional building.

The ‘water-breaking’ new project will utilise water from rising and falling tides for cooling the building by pumping it through submerged pipes.

The new water project will be built on a polder, a recessed area below sea level where flood waters settle from heavy rains, allowing the building to float

The Citadel, to be built on a floating foundation of heavy concrete caisson, will house 60 luxury apartments, boat docks, a car park and a floating access road to the complex.

The housing complex will have 30 units for every acre of water, leaving more open water surrounding the structure.

A garden terrace, as well as a view of the lake, will be a features of each unit in the project.

Aluminum will be used to build the façade, saving the units from corrosion from water. Prefabricated modules will be used to build the individual apartments.