Jacob van Rijs of MVRDV and Blanca Lleó have completed the Celosia Residence, a 21,550m² social housing block near the Mirador Building in Madrid, Spain.

With a construction cost of €12.6m, the Celosia Residence is an assembly of 146 apartments divided into 30 small blocks of apartments and positioned in a checkerboard pattern next to and on top of each other, leaving wide openings for communal patios throughout the building.

Most of the apartments feature additional private outdoor space in the shape of a loggia behind the front door that connects the private outdoor areas to the communal area.

The façade is made of coated concrete constructed in a complete mould system. The polyurethane coating allows the façade to shimmer and reflect light.

A system of power-efficient boilers is used in the building with solar panels on the roof to heat water.

Underneath the building a parking garage on two levels provides 165 parking spaces.

The client is EMVS, the public housing corporation of the city of Madrid.