Governments around the world are increasingly injecting fiscal stimulus packages into the infrastructure business, providing opportunities for an industry hit hard by the global recession, according to UK Trade and Investment, a government organisation that helps UK-based companies succeed in an increasingly global economy.

In a new report, the UK body says Germany is estimated to spend more than £600m upgrading its railways and £37m constructing schools and universities, among other large-scale works that could foster opportunities for companies willing to work abroad.

France has already invested around £100bn for its railway stock and stations for the next 20 years and Spain has contracted about £1.1m for civil engineering and consultancy projects in Madrid and another £21.4m for the construction of a university in Ceuta.

The US federal funding of $130bn for renovation and construction projects is primarily aimed at supporting architects looking towards their own government for work.

Countries also plan to build platforms for their local architects to access and win oversees projects.

The UK is hoping it can buy into some of these project funds and is encouraging its own architects to look to regions where funding is high for work during the recession.