Carmody Groarke’s memorial in Hyde Park, London, to honour the 52 victims of the 7 July 2005 bombings, has been unveiled for public access.

The memorial features 52 stainless steel pillars, each etched with a victim’s name placed in four clusters to represent the four sites of the bombings, which occurred on the London Underground and buses around the city.

The memorial was designed by the UK-based architects Kevin Carmody and Andy Groarke with engineer Arup and landscape architect Colvin & Moggridge. Phil Baines was the lettering designer, using the sans serif font that is also the typeface for London Underground.

The architects said the 3.5m-tall stainless-steel pillars symbolised the random nature of the loss of life as a result of the bombings.

The designers have added an extra 1.5m to the earth berm behind the memorial located between Lover’s Walk and Park Lane.

The memorial work was commissioned by the project board that compriesd the Royal Parks, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, six delegates on behalf of the bereaved families and UK artist Antony Gormley who acted as artistic adviser.