Wisconsin is the first US state to require all new pubic construction to use a Building Information Model (BIM) throughout projects.

The BIM will be mandatory for all projects with a total budget of $5m and above, and all greenfield construction projects with a budget of $2.5m, bdcnetwork.com reports.

The Wisconsin Division of State Facilities’ new guidelines entail A/E services to use BIM and 3D software from initial planning concepts until the project’s close.

There are five projects over the $5m mark up for A/E selection in the next few months and another 18 projects are expected to be tendered between 2009 and 2011, the network reports.

Projects include the construction of 16 state departments that range from the Department of Military Affairs, Administration and Corrections to the University of Wisconsin System.

BIM is said to achieve increased coordination and productivity among the major contractors through standardisation of designs that result in cost-effective projects.