The Olympic Park Planning Committee has approved plans for the construction of the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) and Main Press Centre (MPC) for the London 2012 Olympic Games in a £355m publicly funded investment.

The IBC/MPC in East London will have a seating capacity for 20,000 media personnel with additional 900,000ft² of business space.

The Olympic Park Legacy Company is responsible for the development after it took over the work from the London Development Agency.

Design plans that have been approved include new cladding design for the 29,000m² MPC office block. The four-storey sustainable office for journalists will be built by the River Lea Navigation, apart from additional commercial spaces.

The 60,000m² of IBC studio space will comprise two 8–10m-high floors during the Games with a temporary gantry running along the building. In front of this, an 8,000m² five-floor building will serve as office space.

Chequerboard cladding design for the IBC studios and smaller sections of screening over the gantry will be used along with the cladding design for the permanent section of the media transport mall.

Work on the 370,000m² foundation is already underway with 90% of the concrete piles sunk 24m into the ground.

Work on the 275m-long, 104m-wide and 21m-tall steel frame of the IBC studio building will begin shortly.

Temporary installations include a 12,000m² catering village and a 200m-long “High Street” between the MPC and IBC for business outlets, as well as a temporary Media Conference room to seat 800 journalists.

Sustainability plans feature recycling for 60% of non-drinking water collected across the Olympic Park and construction of a 2,500m² brown roof of gravel and moss.