The Association of Open Group Enterprise Architects (AOGEA) today announced a merger with the Global Enterprise Architecture Organisation (GEAO) to form the largest professional body for enterprise architects in the world.

At present the combined organisation represents more than 9000 members in 72 different countries.

The AOGEA and GEAO, will be administered by The Open Group, however they will retain their respective names for the indefinite future.

President and CEO for The Open Group, Allen Brown, said that the merger was warmly welcomed.

“The GEAO’s proven track record in furthering business skills for its members and AOGEA’s emphasis on professional standards and technical excellence will provide great value for everyone involved,” Brown said.

President of the GEAO, Ben Ponne said that the merger would bring additional value to both organisations.

“AOGEA’s professional members will need to develop an integrative view of the business and strong social capital to lead other people. GEAO’s executive members, on the other hand, will benefit from an increased understanding of information technology and how this can add value to their business,” ponne said.

The merger brings together the complementary strengths of the two organisations, providing members with increased job opportunities through affiliation with The Open Group’s leading IT certification programmes, ongoing advocacy and education services, and peer networking opportunities.

By Daniel Garrun.