David Chipperfield Architects‘ reconstruction of the historical Neues Museum in Berlin will be celebrated at an exhibition in London, starting 20 June.

Sir John Soane’s Museum in London will host the exhibition until 6 September, leading up to opening of the Berlin museum in October 2009, which has been closed since being bombed in the Second World War in 1943.

David Chipperfields first started the restoration in 1997 with Julian Harrap Architects.

The building had to be treated the same as the works it contained – as an architectural monument “of the highest historical, artistic and scientific importance”.

The exhibition will go behind the project though, including working drawings which “unravel” the layout of the building and its design.

Dubbed the “coffee stain” drawings, David Chipperfield Architects says the works were updated daily by many people working on the project, recording every piece of work done on the site.

The firm describes the process as “creative restoration”.

“It is clear that each decision is the result of an elaborate process involving designers, curators, historians, restorers and specialists.

“This bespoke preservation on a room-by-room or garment-by-fragment basis is both daring and sensitive.”

By Penny Jones