Dutch architecture firm MVRDV has won a competition to design a new self-sufficient city near the South Korean capital Seoul.

MVRDV’s concept design won the dense city-centre developer’s competition awarded by the Daewoo Consortium and the municipality of Gwanggyo, a city which will house 77,000, located 35km south of Seoul.

The plan consists of a series of large hill-shaped buildings which aims for high urban density and includes plans for further developments around the ‘Power Centre’, one of the two centres which make up Gwanggyo, says MVRDV.

Korean town planning has been made up of a high-density concentration of mixed programmes, described as nodes that consist of a mix of public, retail, culture, housing, offices and leisure to generate life in new metropolitan areas and encourage further developments around them.

The Gwanggyo Power Centre will consist of 200,000m² housing, 48,000m² offices, 200,000m² mix of culture, retail, leisure and education and 200,000m² parking, says MVRDV.

The concept plan is currently at the Gyeonggi provincial authority’s Urban Innovation Corporation for further development and feasibility study. The estimated budget and timeframe are still in the process of being established, completion is scheduled for 2011.

By staff writer.