A Spanish architect has quit a project, making up part of the Madrid Campus of Justice, complaining his budget was smaller than that of fellow architects.

Alejandro Zaera Polo, whose practice is based in London, quit work on the Institute of Legal Medicine building, which now sits half-built. The hollowed-out sphere building, is part of the Campus of Justice, which includes designs by award-winning architects such as Norman Foster, Richard Rogers and Zaha Hadid.

Zaera Polo has blamed his exit on a refusal by local politicians to increase the budget by up to 53%.

After coming under attack from the local government, the architect claimed his building would “struggle to compete in quality with its better funded neighbours,” referring to the other projects inside the complex, writes The Guardian.

The Campus of Justice is designed to house most of Madrid’s courts in a network of circular buildings connected by underground tunnels. Lord Foster is to build the high court and the provincial court, while Hadid has been has been tasked with the design of the main civil courthouse. Lord Rogers will design another of the main buildings.

By staff writer.