The UK Government has called for an overhaul of the entire planning system to save up to $300m and cut down on red tape, in its latest review.

The Killian Pretty review contains 17 key recommendations, which include expanding reducing the amount of information and paperwork submitted with planning applications, clearer national policy guidance, allowing for changes after the application process and improving engagement with local communities and elected members.
The review which calls for a more streamlined system was welcomed by business secretary Peter Mandelson.

“Freeing up the system, taking out up to 40% of minor commercial planning applications, would give a much needed boost to business, saving time and money, generating more investment and delivering estimated saving of £300m to the UK economy,” said Mandelson.

The review takes a detailed look at the process for seeking planning permission across a range of different sectors including, housing, business and the renewables industry.

By Ozge Ibrahim.