Developers of the world’s first carbon-free city are calling on UK-based companies to help make it a reality, the UK Government’s Trade and Investment (UKTI) has announced.

Masdar City in Abu Dhabi has been designed to house 50,000 private residents and 1,500 businesses, targeting those in the sustainable and alternative energies field.

By going carbon neutral and using only renewable energies for zero waste, the city will incorporate the “highest quality of life with the lowest environmental footprint,” according to UKTI.

The developers hope to do this by partnering with global leaders and innovative companies throughout the clean tech industry.

“For businesses, small and large, that make the leap and take early action to embrace low carbon solutions, the opportunities are huge,” says Minister for Trade and Investment Gareth Thomas.

According to Thomas, estimates show that by 2010, the renewable energy, waste management and water treatment industries will be worth $700bn globally.

The Masdar team, responsible for the project will be meeting with UK companies across the energy infrastructure and transmission industries to help turn the vision of the sustainable city into a reality.

By Ozge Ibrahim.