US architects Steven Holl has won an international design competition to design a new gateway for Copenhagen’s waterfront which will encompass Denmark’s identity as a leader in renewable energies.

Steven Holl Architects, which won the LM Project competition, will design the structure which connects office towers and civic spaces with a public walkway, 65m above the harbour.

The design for the ‘dramatic’ new harbour entrance to the Danish capital is based on a concept of two towers carrying two bridges at two orientations all connecting back to the “unique aspects of the site’s history,” said the company.

The Langenlinie Tower, at the harbour site, is designed using geometry taken from the site’s shape, which includes a prow-like public deck. The Marmormolen Tower connects back to the city with a main terrace, which is also accessible to the public.

The project uses a variety of progressive sustainable solutions to ensure this ‘important international landmark’ is rooted in Denmark’s identity as a world leader in alternative energy and renewable solutions, said Steven Holl Architects.

These features include high-performance glass curtainwalls with a veil of solar screen made of photovoltaics which collect the sun’s energy. These are then connected to a seawater heating / cooling system with radiant heating in the floor slabs and radiant cooling in the ceiling.

The designs also include wind turbines, while line the top of the pedestrian bridge roof, to provide all electricity for lighting the public spaces.

The lord mayor of Copenhagen, Ritt Bjerregaard, praised the design, saying “With the winning project, we get a great high-rise building, which will bind the city better together and function as a landmark in the harbour.”

By Ozge Ibrahim.