The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) has revealed the design for the Bryghusgrunden Project at the historic waterfront in Copenhagen.

The 27,000m² building will include new facilities for the Danish Architecture Centre (DAC), the headquarters of the Realdania Foundation, along with a distinctive mix of residential units, public programmes and playground facilities.

The Bryghusgrunden Project is located on the harbor on the site of an old brewery, the Bryghusgrunden, one of the few remaining areas with the potential to link the city to the waterfront.

The building will straddle the busy Christians Brygge ring road, creating new urban connections for pedestrians and cyclists between the waterfront and Denmark’s houses of government.

The architecture centre will be embedded within its own key subjects of study and research – housing, offices, public space and parking.

The DAC will include several exhibition areas, research facilities, an auditorium, conference rooms, a bookstore and a café.

The project is led by OMA partners Ellen van Loon and Rem Koolhaas in collaboration with project managers Chris van Duijn and Dirk Peters.

By Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh