Sustainable design company Biomimcry Guild and global architectural firm HOK have teamed up to create bio-inspired buildings.

HOK said it believes the collaboration will help it “significantly” reduce the environmental impact of its projects.

“Our firm can significantly influence the future generation of architecture, planning and interior design projects around the world,” said HOK President Bill Hellmuth.

Biomimicry has ambitions to take the idea of sustainable building further to create entire sustainable cities.

“Together with HOK, we are looking at what it means to be a bio-inspired company in the architecture space,” said Biomimicry Guild Co-Founder Janine Benyus.

“I think the answer to that question is really going to be something new in the world. Because making a bio-inspired product is one thing; making a bio-inspired city begins to change the world.”

The two companies have already collaborated on several projects, including HOK’s participation in the 2008 “City of the Future” competition to design the city of Atlanta in 2108.

By Ozge Ibrahim