Greek pagans have been protesting against the Bernard Tschumi-designed New Acropolis Museum in Athens, due to be inaugurated later this year.

The £94m glass and concrete edifice, which has been designed in collaboration with Greece’s Michalis Photiadis, has divided Greeks.

While the cavernous space has been praised by some, others, including the pagans, have gathered at Greece’s most sacred site invoking Athena (the goddess of wisdom) to protect the sculptures taken from the temples to the new museum.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, high priest Yannis Kontopidis, in charge of overseeing the protest said: “It’s scandalous that antiquities of such value, carved in honour of Athena, should be wrested from their natural environment and moved to a new locale.”

Government officials said its opening later this year should end the British Museum’s argument that Athens has no place decent enough to house its classical artworks, writes the Guardian.

This includes the Parthenon sculptures on display in London, which Lord Elgin seized from the temples more than 200 years ago.

By Staff writer.