To some it may sound like science fiction, to others a step back in time, but Amsterdam is considering a city built under its canals to ease present traffic woes and provide more infrastructure for residents in the future.

In a bold move by developers Strukton, a plan has been devised to move parking, sports facilities, cinemas, cables and ducts and supply facilities underground, with easy access off the A10 ring road.

Dutch architects Zwarts & Jansma have helped devise the architectural interpretation of the underground city, which still needs to go through the government for approval.

But Strukton says the plans were drawn up with support.

“It is both feasible and sustainable,” Struckton civil senior consultant Bas Obladen says.

“Creating a city beneath the city is not futuristic; it is a necessity in this day and age.”

Speaking to Reuters, the firm says in order to carry out the plan, canals will need to be drained in sections and that the plan could take up to 20 years to realise, at a cost of about €10bn.

By Penny Jones