London-based HTA Architects has won a competition to design the UK’s first ‘eco-village’.

The Carbon Challenge competition is run by national regeneration agency English Partnerships (EP) as part of a scheme to fast-track the construction of several zero carbon housing developments across the country.

The proposal called for 200 net-zero-carbon homes for the 6.6ha site in Bristol, southwest England.

EP says the project will create “eco-lifestyles” and will use captured rainwater, sustainable drainage, farmers’ shops as well as a car club and bicycle storage.

Housing and Planning Minister Yvette Cooper announced the winner, claiming the competition is “leading the way” for sustainable housing.

The minister went on to announce the shortlist for a Phase 1 development on London’s South Bank.

Sites in Wigan and Doncaster in the north of England have also been earmarked for other Carbon Challenge competitions.

By staff writer