Foster + Partners has launched its new design for a carbon-neutral resort, where cars are kept to a minimum and the natural surrounds are preserved, offering a glimpse of what living could be like in environmentally-conscious future.

The resort on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast will focus on green transport and the subtle integration of residential complexes, parks and restaurants.

Five villages will make up the resort – the Sky Village, Wilderness Village, Meadow Village, Cape Village and Sea Village, which sits alongside a 220-berth marina.

In total, 15,400 residences will be catered for.

Residents will be urged to leave their cars in underground car parks at the entrance to each village and use an electric shuttle bus, electric pool cars and bicycles to travel around the resort.

The building will be constructed from local, sustainable sources, according to Foster + Partners.

“The arrangement and terracing of the hill towns also maximises sea views, and the microclimate is further enhanced by the preservation of the existing mature trees and integrated planting,” the UK architecture firm says.

Other sustainable strategies include using biofuels to power an on-site CHP plant which will provide power for the five villages all year round.

The landscaping of the two river valleys will control water run-off from the surrounding land by harvesting the water in naturally formed basins.

By Penny Jones