Famed architect Frank Gehry has been hit with a lawsuit by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) over “design and construction failures” of a three-year-old building.

The US$300m Stata Centre has been described by the non-conformist Gehry as a “party of drunken robots”.

MIT claims the robots have finally had too much to drink and the building is falling apart at the seems, with leads, cracking and mould affecting the university’s Computer, Information and Intelligence Sciences home.

The construction company that worked on the Stata Centre has also come under attack.

Skanska USA Building is included on the lawsuit, filed on 31 October at the Suffolk Superior Court in Boston.

Gehry told the New York Times it is hard to say exactly what went wrong with the structure at this moment, however, he thought the issues would turn out to be fairly minor.

MIT itself failed to comment.

The Stata Centre was built on the former site of Building 20, a “temporary” timber-framed building put together during World War II.

It has been revered for its tilting towers and angled walls which the university praised when it was first built for its ability to aid creativity and harness great ideas from its researchers and students.

By Penny Jones