Arup is planning to expand on its experience building the world’s first eco-city at Dongtan, in China, by planning the world’s first “solar city”, according to a report on UK website Building.

The report says the engineering firm is looking towards a 33,000-acre development which will house 300,000 people in Pheonix, Arizona.

The town will be powered from the grid at night, but will offset this with solar power produced during the day when it will feed energy back into the grid.

Photovoltaic panels will work with solar-farm technologies to generate steam to drive the town’s turbine.

Arup was recognised this month for its efforts towards sustainable design thanks to its list of eco-friendly achievements including Dongtan and the Kingspan Lighthouse in the UK, the first net-zero carbon house to meet the Code of Sustainable Homes Level 6.

Arup won the award for Sustainable Engineer of the Year at the 2007 Building Sustainability Awards in the UK.

By staff writer