New York’s Solomon R Guggenheim Museum will maintain the current shade of gray it has had since 1992 rather than its original colour, a report in the The New York Times says today.

The colour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s landmark building has been hotly debated since the decision was made to carry out a US$29m renovation.

Renovation work has required 11 layers of paint to be stripped from the exterior, revealing the building’s original light brown/yellow colour.

Debate has surrounded Wright’s original intention of how the building should look based on the fact the architect, who died in 1959, did not like white.

The building has been painted in various shades of light-gray since the 1960s.

The New York Landmarks Preservation Commission voted on the more contemporary light-gray colour (known as Tnemec BF72 Platinum) as it is commonly associated with the landmark and works well with the surrounding neighbourhood.

By staff writer