David Chipperfield has presented his final design for the UK’s Turner Contemporary Gallery in the coastal town of Margate, following months of redesign to satisfy the local community.

The end result – which will take in panoramic views of the sea, town and bay, and is designed as an art hub for the local area with gallery, workshop and studio space – has received praise from a local MP who has dubbed it the “Turner Extraordinary”.

“The design is extraordinary in a literal sense of the word,” Margate MP Roger Gale says.

“An extraordinary amount of intelligence has been applied by David Chipperfield to the concept.”

Gale says the degree of attention paid to public space requirements and disabled access, along with the geographic location and use of northern and southern light, have created an “exciting and outstanding” structure.

Chipperfield and his team have worked alongside the local council and community since June on alterations to the original building design, which included a new roof to further mimic the style seen throughout the rest of Margate.

The original location put the site by the sea and pier, but this was scrapped after it raised the budget from £7m to £50m.

The new design is estimated to cost about £17.5m. “The roofline has been changed to reflect more closely other architecture in Margate and enables northern light to be brought into all the gallery spaces at the first floor level,” the firm says.

“In addition, the choice of white opaque glass as the cladding material has been influenced by the nature of the building, site and light.”

The building is expected to be complete by 2010.

By Penny Jones