Some rock stars settle for a condominium, others for a holiday pad in St Tropez, but Irish rock group U2 have gone sky-high with their newest architectural project – both in big names and in height.

Band members Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen Jnr and Adam Clayton (in a consortium called Geranger Ltd) are adding a new big name to their recent project, Norman Foster.

Foster will work on U2 Tower, which will be the first skyscraper in Ireland, alongside Dublin’s Docklands Development Authority and a developer still to be selected.

Ballymore Properties, Treasury Holdings/Sisk, Mountbrook Homes and River II Partnership are all on the shortlist.

The structure, which will be based in Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock area, will house a recording studio at its peak.

It will have a public viewing platform as well as social and affordable housing, a hotel, retail and public amenity areas.

Other leading architects are revitalising the Grand Canal Dock area – Studio Libeskind is designing the Grand Canal Theatre, a hotel has been designed by Manuel Aires Mateus and the square has been created by Martha Schwartz.

Work will commence on U2 Tower starting next year.

By staff writer