With a design that could rock the very foundations of the Swedish capital Stockholm, local award-winning architectural practice RH Arkitektur has proposed the city’s first sky-rise building.

The proposal for a 30-storey office and apartment building, just outside the central railway, has already caused debate over how Stockholm’s well preserved skyline and the city itself should look in years moving forward.

The firm itself says it believes Stockholm should be embracing modern architecture, one of the firm’s specialities with its strong reputation in the contemporary sphere.

“We believe the city has a potential for new buildings presenting progressive architecture of an international standard,” the firm says.

The firm says its proposed Kungsbroskrapan building has been designed to seem as if it is part of the surrounding flow of rail traffic, with upward linear movements and parallel lines from the street to the façade in one whole movement.

“The building then splits off into two with one body branching off to the side like a track switch, while the other turns to face the waterside.”

RB Arkitekture was founded by Rahel Belatchew Lerdell following work in Paris, Luxemburg and Tokyo.

By Penny Jones