Weighing in on the Russian Federation’s present architecture boom, and the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics, Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat presented his design for the nation’s new Federation Island project to President Vladimir Putin.

The 330ha artificial archipelago, in the Black Sea off the coast of Sochi, will be made up of seven large and a dozen private man-made islands which will include sandy beaches, dunes, grasslands, forests and riverside set alongside beach residences and luxury villas and cliff houses.

A four-lane bridge and two tunnels will connect the islands, that will sit 300m from the mainland, which currently attracts Russian tourists looking for a cheaper holiday getaway.

Egeraat told the president the design would only benefit from the Dutch experience of reclaiming land and that studies have already shown the archipelago will have a positive effect on the local sub tropical climate.

Dutch engineering companies Witteveen + bos and Van Oord Dredging are working with Egeraat on his plans – rumoured to cost about £3bn, which are being developed by M-Industries of St Petersburg.

By Penny Jones