Fancy 18 weeks on a Caribbean island followed by three nights in a space-age hotel orbiting the earth sipping cocktails as you watch 15 sunrises go past in a day?

This is exactly what those looking for the ultimate tourism buzz will be able to do in 2012, when the first hotel in the proposed chain of Galactic Suites, borne from a Barcelona-based space tourism company, takes off.

Tickets will go on sale in 2008 for the journey, which includes preparation at a Caribbean island for 18 weeks – at the cost of €3m.

It is a package deal, however, according to Galactic Suite Project directors Xavier Claramount and Marsal Gifra.

“This is the first package deal, as it includes transport from the tourist’s home to the Caribbean island, the training required for journeys into orbit, the flight to the hotel and three nights’ accommodation in the Galactic Suite,” the directors say.

The price won’t offer 100% luxury however, as tourists travelling into space will be expected to get their hands dirty taking part in scientific experiments.

The US and Spanish architects, aerospace engineers and industrial engineers behind the project say this is not the only hotel planned for the company. Eventually a chain of interconnected hotels will orbit the earth offering earthlings a truly out-of-this-world tourism experience.

Reported by Penny Jones