Archaeologists are working with London 2012 organisers to chart the history of Olympic Park – from Roman times until industrialisation.

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and the Museum of London will work together as the 500-acre East End site prepares for construction of the main stadium, the aquatics center, velodrome and other arenas. “We are starting well ahead of the planned start of construction and nothing is expected to be found that could affect our timetable,” said ODA chief executive David Higgins.

Teams of archaeologists will begin digging a dozen trenches up to 4m deep in the north east area of the Olympic Park including Second World War gun emplacements and a medieval waterway. Any interesting remains found will be removed to form part of the Museum of London’s collection.

“The investigation will tell the story of the changing landscape and exactly how human intervention has constantly influenced the environment,” Museum of London senior archaeologist Kieron Tyler said. “It is a unique opportunity to do it on a larger scale.”
The ODA said the first inhabitants of the area, now the suburb of Stratford, lived there in 3,000BC.