The disruptive power of drones

Construction Intelligence Center 5 Jan 2017 GLOBAL EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY

Drones possess great potential for the construction industry in particular and a wide variety of benefits have already been demonstrated by the early adopters of this technology. The construction industry is now one of the main drivers of growth across the commercial drone sector.

One explanation for the increasing use of drones in commercial settings is a radical increase in the affordability of the technology in recent years; previous concerns surrounding the cost effectiveness of drone use held back its utilization. As the affordability of the drones has increased, the number of developers producing software specifically for commercial drone use has risen, and this in turn has created the opportunity for firms to utilize drones more frequently, for a greater number of applications and across a wider variety of industries.

Drones are proving to be an important innovation for the construction sector owing to the variety of functions they can provide, particularly those that can disrupt traditional and established processes, such as building surveys. The traditional forms of building surveying include the time intensive process of staking out various markers, often with the use of electronic hardware such as infrared reflectors that require human control and positioning.

Although it is also possible to use manned aircraft when surveying larger projects and landforms, drones are generally much cheaper to utilise than manned aircraft, and possess the capability to record data far quicker than human surveyors. When combined with appropriately designed data recording software, there is an opportunity to record information at a level of accuracy that was previously impossible.

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