Gothenburg to build $137m cable car system


The city of Gothenburg in Sweden is building a $137m (SEK1.1bn) 3km cable car system to provide fast and efficient aerial transport linking the areas north of the Göta Älv river to the old city in the south.

Dutch architectural firm UNStudio has designed the cable car system, which is part of several projects undertaken by the city to mark its 400th anniversary in 2021.

The cable car line will be suspended by six giant towers that are inspired by the city’s famous shipyard cranes.

The cable car line will begin at Järntorget in the historic city on the south bank of the river, where it links to a bus and tram transfer node, and then crosses the river and continues to three stations in the north of the city.

A cabin will travel through one of the four stations every 45 seconds.

Denmark-based consulting engineering group Ramboll has been appointed to work with the architects, engineering team and the city.

UNStudio senior architect Jürgen Heinzel said that Ramboll has the unique set of skills to make the project a success.

He said: “We are very excited to collaborate with Ramboll. Beyond a high level of expertise and experience in the field of engineering, Ramboll’s passion, dedication and enthusiasm in incorporating innovative ideas and concepts is perfectly in line with UNStudio’s ambition, culture and spirit.

“By assigning Ramboll as the local engineering company, we are convinced that we have established a strong multidisciplinary team that includes the right skills and understanding of the challenges ahead to ensure the project is effectively translated into local compliance to the highest quality standards.”

The cable car system will be the first new mode of public transportation in Sweden since the subway was introduced in Stockholm in the 1930s.

Ramboll marketing manager for buildings in Sweden Niclas Sundgren said: “We are very happy to have the confidence of UNStudio. With our broad expertise in different areas, we are well prepared for the complicated challenge of establishing a new mode of transport in an existing public transport system.

“This is also a way for Gothenburg to invest in more sustainable public transport. The cable car itself is environmentally friendly and it will be integrated with other public transport services at each station. It will also shorten travel times.”


Image: The proposed cable car in Gothenburg. Photo: Courtesy of UNStudio and Plompmozes.

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