Flatiron Construction chosen low bidder for California rail project


Flatiron Construction, a major infrastructure contractor based in the US, has been named apparent low bidder on the Redlands Passenger Rail project in San Bernardino County, California.

Valued at more than $154m, the nine-mile rail construction is a progressive regional transportation project that will extend passenger rail service from downtown San Bernardino to near the campus of the University of Redlands.

The project has been designed to connect residents, businesses and visitors to a variety of leisure, education, healthcare and other destinations.

It will provide new transportation choices through the implementation of a new rail service that integrates with other modes such as auto, bus and bicycle.

Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2019 and continue through late 2021.

During construction, freight rail service on existing track will be maintained and materials will be recycled as much as possible.

Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) are the preferred vehicles to provide primary service for the project because of the station configuration and proximity, number of estimated passengers, and based on feedback received during the environmental process.

A Metrolink locomotive-hauled coach train will provide round trip express service to Los Angeles.

An on-board low-emission, clean diesel engine will power the DMUs throughout the day between San Bernardino and Redlands.

The project cost was originally estimated at $290m, which includes design, environmental permitting, construction, vehicles and property acquisitions.

The annual operation and maintenance cost for the service after construction is estimated at $8m to $10m.

Five stations planned on the nine-mile route are: San Bernardino Transit Center in Downtown San Bernardino; Tippecanoe Avenue Station in eastern San Bernardino; New York Street Station north of Redlands Boulevard and New York Street; Downtown Redlands Station north of Redlands Santa Fe Depot; and University Station, located at the south end of the University of Redlands campus.

The University Station will feature a themed station to model after the college and the area will be developed to create a mixed-use destination type village for this stop.

Zero emission technology will be tested for this rail transportation system.

Coradia iLint, a full emission-free train solution for passenger rail transportation, is based on Alstom’s Coradia Lint regional platform.

The traction system of Coradia iLint uses fuel cells, which produce electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen to water.


Image: Flatiron Construction chosen low bidder for California rail project. Photo: Courtesy of Florian Olivo on Unsplash.

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