Future skyscrapers start underwater

WCN Editorial Team 1 Dec 2015 GLOBAL BUILDINGS

Tall buildings of the future could be looking down as well as up, following a proposed concept from Luca Curci Architects to build ‘skyscrapers’ based on the sea bed.

The unique feature of the design is that the sustainable, zero-energy structures are feature underwater levels for parking and technical areas. The other facilities, which would include spas, meditation centres, gyms and hotels would also be able to offer the underwater sea views.

However, the impressive scope of the building concept is not restricted to its unusual location – its height of 750m almost rivals the 830m-tall Burj Khalifa, and the 180 floors would be capable of hosting 25,000 people.

A semi-submerged bridge will provide mainland access for pedestrians, cars and public electric transport, while regular access via water, land and air would also be available. Internal and external docking facilities in the basement levels and three naval entries would allow large boats to dock on the external berths.

Luca Curci Architects designed the building around a 'modular structural prefabricated element' which recurs vertically and horizontally around the building. Being modular, the separate components making up the building produce a 3D network that is capable of sustaining each floor.

The concept has an open and perforated structure, and includes greenery on each level to provide light and ventilation, as well as public spaces and private gardens.


* This is a version of an article that first appeared at DesignCurial: www.designcurial.com

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