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Roads Week on WCN: The 7 longest highways in the world

23 Aug 2016 | Global

As technologies for road construction advance, so too do the highways that connect cities, countries, and even continents. We look at the seven longest roads in the world today.1)    Pan-American Highway, American continent

Tunnels Week on WCN: A Legacy of Innovation

13 Jul 2016 | Europe

London’s Crossrail project not only now has an official name — it was revealed the the cross-city rail system will be called the Elizabeth line — it is also less than a year away from the start of the first testing phase.It was a year ago that tunnelling was completed — using two tunnel bori ...

Tunnels Week on WCN: Seattle start up

13 Jul 2016 | North America

Repairs are finished for giant TBM ‘Bertha’. Patrick Reynolds reports on the two-year-long process.Bertha, better known as Big Bertha, is a 57.5ft (17.53m) diameter tunnel boring machine (TBM) built in 2013 for the Washington State Department of Transportation’s (WSDOT) Alaskan Way Viaduct R ...

Tunnels Week on WCN: India's growing pains

13 Jul 2016 | Asia

Metro projects and hydropower schemes continue to drive India’s tunnelling market, and more opportunities are yet to come but challenges remain in the competitive market, Bernadette Ballantyne reports.Until the turn of the new millennium, India's tunnelling market was dominated by hydropower ...

Tunnels Week on WCN: Nordic undersea rail tunnel one step closer?

12 Jul 2016 | Europe

Plans for a Helsinki–Tallinn undersea rail tunnel are a step closer to reality after Finnish and Estonian ministers signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) earlier this year.The MOU binds the two states to further investigate the viability and economic impact of the tunnel’s construction. ...

The Koralm connection

22 Jan 2016 | Europe

Involving tunnelling through 33km of mountain, the Koralm railway tunnel is set to become the longest entirely within Austrian territory.

Solving the Thai canal riddle

13 Jan 2016 | Asia

As delays in projects go, being held up by almost 350 years is a big one. The idea of building a shipping canal across Thailand’s Kra Isthmus, reducing the usual trade route for ships between the Indian and Pacific oceans by more than 1,200km, was first mooted in 1677. However, despite the ...

Ceneri: A link in the chain

31 Dec 2015 | Europe

The Ceneri base tunnel is an integral part of the New Rail Link through the Alps. Sally Spencer reports.

Strait Talking

31 Dec 2015 | Asia, Europe, Middle East

When workers broke through the Eurasia Tunnel in August 2015, it marked not only the first time Europe and Asia were connected by a road tunnel, but also represented the crowning achievement for one of the world’s most challenging tunnelling projects.

Euro Vision

31 Dec 2015 | Europe

The number of projects and the technical capabilities used by the tunnelling market in Europe has strengthened and expanded over the past two decades. Keren Fallwell reports.

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Projects overseen by the company include bridges, spanning roads, valleys and water; planning and constructing commercial and industrial zones; conveyance and storage systems for the water industry; roads; urban development and regeneration; architec ...

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