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Water Management on WCN: Identifying SuDS opportunities

14 Dec 2016 | Global

In response to many drainage systems being overloaded, the impact of climate change and the increased risk of floods, Atkins has created a toolkit that helps identify the locations where sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) can be implemented.

Sustainability Week on WCN: Certifying buildings

21 Oct 2016 | Global

Whether buildings are comprised of commercial, residential or office space, they can be assessed, rated and certified according to their green and sustainable features.

Tunnels Week on WCN: Powering Peru

14 Jul 2016 | South America

With a burgeoning market for hydropower development, tunnelling work is seeing an uptick in South America’s third largest country. Nicole Robinson looks at two recent projects.The World Bank released a report in 2010 to help the Peruvian government in assessing the potential role of hydropow ...

Tunnels Week on WCN: Conversion rate

14 Jul 2016 | North America

Adding capacity to the over-tasked wastewater system in Mexico City, an alignment through changing ground conditions is a likely candidate for Robbins’ Crossover TBM, Nicole Robinson reports.In the mountains northwest of Mexico City, the soft rock is self-supporting and very consolidated, a ...

Hydro range

16 Jun 2016 | Global

A selection of current construction work and studies shows hydropower’s wide range, says Patrick Reynolds. Numerous hydropower and pumped storage projects are in construction or planning across the globe, and International Water Power & Dam Construction (IWP&DC) briefly notes progres ...

A date with an old flume

15 Jun 2016 | Oceania

A deteriorating section of the fluming carrying water to Tarraleah power station has been repaired on time and in budget, improving the safety and condition of this important infrastructure. Generating energy from water over the long term requires significant on-going investment in the safet ...

Asian advance

14 Jun 2016 | Asia

Hydro projects of all stages continue to make Asia a growth sector, says Patrick Reynolds. Among the many hydropower projects in development in Asia, expansions are underway at the Baglihar scheme in India, the Tarbela dam in Pakistan, and Lamtakong Jolabha Vadhana pumped storage plant in Th ...

Euro Vision

31 Dec 2015 | Europe

The number of projects and the technical capabilities used by the tunnelling market in Europe has strengthened and expanded over the past two decades. Keren Fallwell reports.

Healthy outlook for UK

30 Oct 2015 | Europe

A strong period for the UK construction industry is reflected in a growing crane rental market, with new projects and investments in fleet expansions taking place. Daniel Searle reports.

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Projects overseen by the company include bridges, spanning roads, valleys and water; planning and constructing commercial and industrial zones; conveyance and storage systems for the water industry; roads; urban development and regeneration; architec ...

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