Panelling can add colour, texture, pattern, and character, enhancing the aesthetics of the interior and exterior of a building. It is also used to conceal construction flaws, hide exposed wiring, and transform the overall decorative look while offering good thermal and acoustic insulation. 

With panelling being increasingly preferred over other types of finishes such as papering, painting, and tile cladding, architects and interior designers are looking for fit-for-purpose panelling materials that are aesthetically pleasing, highly durable, and easy to install and maintain.

Finding the best panelling suppliers 

World Construction Network has listed some of the leading panelling manufacturers for the architecture and construction industry, based on its intel, insights, and decades-long experience in the sector. 

The list includes suppliers of wall, ceiling and roof panels of various designs, colours, sizes, and lengths to fulfil an extensive range of interior design requirements. 

The list also includes some of the leading plastic panelling manufacturers and exterior panelling manufacturers for the construction industry.

The information contained within the document is designed for architects, builders, contractors, design-build consultants, construction engineers, interior designers, procurement executives, and any other individual involved in the design, construction, and interior decor of buildings.

The download contains detailed information on panelling suppliers and their product and service lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing decision. 

Types of panelling solutions 

Panelling solutions for building and housing applications include, but are not limited to: 

  • Traditional solid wood panelling 
  • Composite wood panelling including medium-density fibreboard (MDF) 
  • Fabric wall panels 
  • Upholstered wall panels 
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) wall panels 
  • Glass and mirror panels 
  • Vinyl-covered gypsum boards 
  • Sculptured and textured 3D wall panels made from bamboo and plywood 
  • Manufactured sheet wallboards including plywood or hardboard panels 
  • Honeycomb and sandwich panels 
  • Rigid polyurethane panels, and  
  • Architectural metal roofing and siding panels 

Download our list here.