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Marina Leiva

Marina Leiva is a senior reporter at Investment Monitor, where she specialises in the agribusiness sector. Previously, she reported on institutional investments in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal for MandateWire at the Financial Times. She started her career in Spain, covering international affairs for

Interview: Ken Shuttleworth – breaking glass

Herbert Wright meets Ken Shuttleworth and some of his critics and supporters to discuss the end of ‘bling’ architecture.

Brick cred

There’s been a surge of interest in brick’s ecofriendly properties. Lisa Delgado reports on new uses for this material.

Fabric of the place

Gabellini Sheppard’s latest luxury venture draws on the pleasures of daily living in a Turkish setting.

A sprawl to enthral

Rod James speaks to Arkiz’s Rafael Brych and MMBB’s Alexandre Hepner and Milton Braga about Brazil’s urbanism.