Danieli - Sricity Steel Manufacturing Plant, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India

23 September 2011

Key Facts:

Project Status: Announced
Project Value: USD100 million (Estimated)
Project Sector: Metal & Material Production Plants - Steel Mills
Project Start date: Q3 2011
Project Completion date: Q4 2013 (Estimated)

Project Details

The project involves construction of a manufacturing plant which includes construction of blast furnace, pig casting machine, installation of fire safety equipment, and installation of roughing mill. It also involves manufacturing of industrial equipment and machinery. The project aims to supply a variety of stainless steel products required for many industries including car industry, gas and steam powered turbines and industrial bearings with in the country.

Suppliers, Contractors and Planners:

Project Owner

•Danieli - www.danieli.com

Planning Authority

•Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Ltd (APIIC) - www.apiic.in

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