Xiamen-Zhangzhou cross-sea bridge in China to open in 2013

7 December 2010

The construction of the first cable-linked bridge of Xiamen in China, the Xiamen-Zhangzhou Bridge, will be complete and fully operational in 2013.

The Xiamen-Zhangzhou Bridge will start from the front part of Maqing Road in Haicang District in Xiamen and will end at Houzhai, Longhai in Zhangzhou. The cross-sea bridge will be supported by two cable-supported towers, both of which will be 227 metres tall. The distance of its main body will cover 780 metres, which is expected to be sixth in the country and ninth in the world. The bridge is designed to cover about 10 kilometres.

The fully completed bridge will link Haicang and China Merchants Zhangzhou Development Zone, and connect the Xiamen-Chengdu Highway in the Xiamen section. It will be the first South-North cross-sea bridge in Xiamen, with Haimen Island as the demarcation point. The bridge will include Haiping Flyover, South Main Bridge, Haimen Island Flyover and North Main Bridge.

The cross-sea bridge project is a cooperative project between central enterprise, China Merchants Group and Fujian province.

The project will be constructed at a total cost of RMB 5.1 billion ($765 million), which will consist 40% from China Merchants Group, 25% from Xiamen city, 20% from Zhangzhou city and 15% from Fujian Expressway Company.