Trace restaurant to receive Stanley Saitowitz-designed facelift

18 August 2011

The Trace restaurant of W Hotel in San Francisco, California, is set to reopen on 5 September 2011 following a facelift designed by Stanley Saitowitz.

The facility will undergo renovation of its restaurant, bars as well as lobby drawing references from the City of San Francisco. The city, described as a point upon a map of fog, will serve as a focal point of the design. The floor, featuring a patterned carpet, bears resemblance to the city map or the grid. The ceiling serves the role of fog with pixilated ceiling fabrics, perforated drapes, and shadows. Furniture, including tables, bars and chairs, protrudes from the floor's grid in the form of buildings. The fog comes down over the windows covering the section along Howard and Third Streets. The city climbs up the wall along the interior wall. The design pattern is evident in the restaurant, lobby, Living Room Bar, and Upstairs Bar with the area getting more foggy as one ascends upstairs.