‘Office Building 9’ in California unveiled after sustainable retrofit

20 September 2010

Department of General Services in Sacramento, California has completed four-year-long, $157 million renovation project of the ‘Office Building 9’, led by HGA Architects and Engineers by integrating a host of sustainable design principles.

Office Building 9 is the second of two 310,000 square feet twin towers owned by the State Department of General Services in Sacramento. Designed by HGA Architects, the project is part of the state’s ‘Excellence in Public Building’ programme, which underlines sustainable architectural design. HGA has designed the facility targeting to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver rating from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). These towers, that house approximately 1,700 employees, have been remodelled to visually reinforce rather than fragment the original architectural style of the complex. Office Building 9 will feature a new kitchen and cafeteria, a new fitness room along with locker and indoor bike storage facility, and a new 300-person capacity auditorium and other large meeting spaces. The two 20-storey towers, Office Buildings 8 and 9 built in 1969, are linked by a newly remodelled plaza and the two-storey 7,800 square feet lobby, providing a single, secure point of entry as well as a new hub for the complex. Office Building 8, first to be renovated and completed in 2008, has already demonstrated the impact of green design. It demonstrates approximately 20% less energy use and 40% less water use, with almost 100% reuse of the existing building structure and exterior skin. Additional outside green space are also added. Old electrical and plumbing systems at both the towers are removed and replaced to ensure improved energy efficiency. New mechanical air distribution systems are installed incorporating automatic state-of-the-art controls. The towers have been seismically reinforced through upgrades of the existing steel and concrete structure. The project made use of building materials that are high in recycled-content and renewable resources, low or altogether free of VOC. HGA's project team includes Steve Fiskum, principal; Greg Bucher, project manager; Angela Falla, technical support; Doris Rolfshus and Laurie Rother, interior design, and Joe Tarlizzo, cost estimating and LEED coordinator. S.J. Amoroso Construction served as the general contractor.