Nacap-Suedrohrbau signs pipeline project with Saudi Aramco

6 April 2009

Dutch pipeline contractor Nacap-Suedrohrbau has signed a contract with Saudi Aramco to develop a multi-product pipeline from Ras Tanura refinery on the east coast of Saudi Arabia through Dhahran to Riyadh.

The work will construct a 506-kilometer 30-inch pipeline, and include three pump stations, metering systems, substation buildings and maintenance. Upon completion, the pipelines will transport diesel and kerosene from the refineries in Ras Tanura to Riyadh, Dhahran and Al-Hasa. An initial phase will begin shortly where the engineering team will develop the front-end engineering and conceptual design of the project. Once the project price is decided, Nacap-Suedrohrbau will complete the design, material procurement, construction and commissioning activities of the project. The project will reach completion by December 2011.