Multan International Airport’s new terminal construction underway

25 June 2010

The Multan International Airport in Pakistan has begun construction on its new passenger terminal worth PKR4.5 billion ($72.9 million).

The new construction constitutes the second phase of the airport upgrade project. The aim of this project is to meet international standards designated for airports. As stated the E category terminal would be equipped to manage wide-body aircraft that include A340, B777, B747 and cargo planes. The new terminal would also handle direct flights between Multan and Europe. Phase one of the airport project includes widening of the runway to 150 feet that cost a total of PKR1.8 billion ($21 million), with 25 feet of shoulders added on each side. The runway also underwent an expansion from 9,000 feet to 10,500 feet. About PKR3.5 billion ($40 million) of the funds to this project were provided by the Association for the Development of Pakistan of the Civil Aviation Authority. The remaining PKR1 billion ($11 million) was pooled in by the federal government. The current terminal construction project is slated to reach completion within two years.