Link-Belt to launch TCC-1100 telescopic crawler at ConExpo

10 January 2011

US-based manufacturer of telescopic and lattice boom cranes Link-Belt will soon launch its latest telescopic crawler, the TCC-1100, at ConExpo in March 2011.

The ConExpo is taking place from 22-26 March 2011 in Las Vegas, US. At the ConExpo, the company will reveal its 110-ton TCC-1100 telescopic crawler crane. The TCC-1100 is Link-Belt’s third telescopic crawler crane. The TCC-1100 crane is larger in size and focuses on robustness, simplicity and reliability. This feature allows it to become an easy to use equipment for a general contractor or rental fleet owner. The TCC-1100, as stated by Link-Belt, has an impressive capacity chart at radius that rivals lattice crawler cranes with a similar base rating. The fabrication of the crane has been done using ultra-high-strength steel. The crane was built at Link-Belt's own boom production facility in Lexington, KY. The TCC-1100 features 150 feet long main boom. It also includes a Teflon wear for the elimination of boom grease. Its fly options measure 31-55-feet, three-piece bi-fold lattice fly and a 10-foot (3-m) heavy-lift fly, with a capacity of and lift procedures for two-load-line picks over 20 tons. All flies offset to 2, 15, 30, and 45 degrees. Link-Belt stated that the TCC-1100 is easy to move, on and off sites. It requires four truckloads to be transported. TCC-1100 also features a tilting cab, a camera system for rear view and wenches, 50,000 pounds of upper counterweight and 25,000 pounds of car body counterweight and upper guard rails. The crane also comes with a cold weather package option. The TCC-1100 has the option of functioning on three different track gauges: 19 feet, 14.4 feet, and 12 feet. It can travel up to 1.7 miles an hour.