Cynthia Bennett transforms old kitchen into an eco-friendly space

26 March 2010

Pasadena-based interior designer Cynthia Bennett has completed the renovation of the Cravens Estate's 80-year-old kitchen.

The designer stated that her current kitchen project required an extensive renovation. The team utilized old products along with the new additions to create a green kitchen. Bennett's first Eco Kitchen in the 2010 Pasadena Showcase House of Design is now a sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen space. She recycled and restored the old kitchen with eco-friendly inclusions. The Pasadena-based company worked on the kitchen since January 2010 and retained most of the original kitchen cabinetry, floor tile and other materials. Working with a copper, teal, white, turquoise and brown color scheme, Bennett salvaged and restored the existing materials while utilizing energy-efficient elements. The original silver safe was converted into a pantry. The renovation restored the missing piece of floor and the cleaning of the floor tiles. Some of the tiles that could not be repaired were replaced. A new island with a sink and dishwasher was added to the center of the room, incorporating copper-colored Metalcrete. Nucrete was used for making countertop, which is a stainproof concrete made of 50% recycled materials. The original cabinetry was refinished with the new cabinetry made of Forest Stewardship Council certified wood. The tables and chairs are also made of sustainable lumber, while the curtain fabrics are organic linens, cotton and bamboo. The kitchen’s equipments such as the dishwasher, ice-maker and a trash-recycling center are all energy-efficient and camouflage with the modern cupboards. Pots and pans were plated with copper metal to match the original copper-colored hinges and color scheme. The paints used during the renovation project have little or no volatile organic compounds. Work space countertops have been made out of 100% recycled post-consumer and post-industrial glass and cement by IceStone. LED lights have been used to illuminate the space instead of incandescent bulbs. These lights have been placed in the cabinets along with an LED light rail underneath them. The hanging light fixtures are also energy-saving, using compact fluorescent light bulbs. Further additions include Energy Star appliances like the microwave and warming drawers; a French door refrigerator; a computerized oven that uses both conventional and convection methods; and water-saving eco-faucets from Delta Faucets that feature a stainless steel spout to turn on or turn off by means of a simple touch.